Why it’s okay to be alone?

To be alone doesn’t mean you need to be lonely. Some might associate this with the feelings of lonesomeness and unhappiness but the truth is, everyone needs a moment of being alone. There are a lot of reasons why we should enjoy this serene moment and why it should not be taken negatively.

“Being alone develops powerful mental health”

When you are alone, you have more time to contemplate, relax and unwind. Just imagine yourself walking alone on a shore feeling the coolness of the air on a peaceful but isolated island away from the buzz of everyone. When you are emotionally detached, you are likely to prioritize your own emotions and do the things that will truly make you happy.

“Being alone makes you stronger”

It challenges you to unlock independence and bravery because no one will be there to help you, guide you and assist you. But then, this will make you realize what you are capable of doing. You will realized how strong you are and how you don’t need help all the time. You will be able to do things by your own and make the right decisions for yourself without the influence of others. You will learn to rely on your inner thoughts in creating what’s best for you.

“Being alone gives you freedom and power”

Free from other people’s invasion, criticism and negativity. Free from the pressure and demands of  those who are not genuinely happy for you and might just be using you for their own benefit. Being alone makes you focus on what truly matters. And this will help you realize who are those worthy to keep.

“Being alone keeps you away from pain and disappointments”

When you are alone, nobody can hurt you. Knowing how to set boundaries and social guards will prevent unintentional external feelings to come. The expectations coming from outside sources cannot always be achieved so limiting and controlling who will have access to your life will take away unwelcoming defilement that might halt your success. The feelings of continuously pleasing others, constant apologizing for things you didn’t mean to do and the pressure of making people happy will be lessened.

Remember that you are not isolating yourself because you are selfish, egoistic or anti-social. Being alone doesn’t mean a boring and unhappy life. You are just actually preparing to attain a stronger relationship to your own self in order for you to strengthen your relationship towards others. So if you need time to discover what you really desire, pause from doing invigorating routines or just want a peace of mind then don’t be afraid to be alone.


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