How to stay motivated to exercise

I often hear people asking how come I’m always full of energy when it comes to working out or exercise. Questions such as how do I even start or why don’t I get tired of following workout plans and tracking my progress to how to maintain the interest to workout are so common from the people I know who tried to be physically active but lost the interest immediately.

So here I am sharing my personal experience on how working out became part of my daily routine and how to stay active while having fun!

1. Set a personal goal

What is your goal? Is it to lose weight? Look more muscular? Or be skinny? Whatever it is, setting a personal goal not just because people are pushing you to work that ass out is important to maintain your interest. Without a goal, you won’t feel motivated to continue what you have started. So think why do you want to workout in the first place and never start something if you don’t have a plan to continue it.

2. Follow a workout plan

Workout plans are great on guiding you what exercises to do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. There are a lot of free workout plans available to choose from based on your personal goal.
Pamela Reif, Chloe Ting and Lilly Sabri are some of the fitness influencer I know who have free workout programs posted on their Instagram and Youtube account that is perfect from beginners to intense level.

Here’s a sample full body workout plan available on my Youtube channel

3. Try different workouts or training

There are a lot of workouts or training that might help you discover what type of fitness activity suits you. Trying different training will also reduce boredom (if you feel it) and will make your exercise routine more fun and exciting. If you want to focus on flexibility and breathing exercises, you can try yoga. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is perfect for those who have busy schedules since this quick but intense burst of exercise burns fats even after your workout. If you want to focus on muscle control and strengthening, try Pilates. Isometric exercise is also great when you don’t want intense movement as this will just require you to hold a position for a set amount of time. Just experiment in the beginning so you can discover which one is effective for you and you’ll enjoy more.

4. Track your progress

Before you start to workout, measure your vitals stats, weight,or take a photo of yourself so when you feel that you’re not making any progress, you have something to compare on. Tracking will also help you know if you are still heading towards your goal (whether to lose weight, to shred or etc) cause if not anymore, then you can modify the workout routine you are following and the diet you are taking.

5. Don’t pressure yourself

Don’t put additional stress on yourself! Working out and exercising should be fun and enjoyable. It’s fine to push yourself to the limit but always remember that result takes time. It might be weeks, months or even years! So relax, turn on your favorite workout playlist and have fun. Always push yourself but don’t push too hard.

6. Set a routine

Create a routine you are sure will work for you. Whether you are a student, an employee or the busiest person on the planet, give at least 30 minutes to one hour of your time to take care of your physical health. Never say you will exercise when you have time because the chances of finding one is so blurry. Inserting exercise on your daily routine will help you keep on track. In this case, you just have to follow your daily routine that includes having to exercise!

7. Wear your favorite workout outfits

Wearing your favorite workout clothes even while working out from home will boost your mood and be more motivated to move. Just imagine having all those cute tops and leggings stock up in your drawer waiting to be worn and be used. So dress up, set your timer and start working!

8. Involve your friends or family

Involving your family and friends will help you get motivated to run to the gym or jog at your favorite park knowing that you are not alone. Remember that working out should be fun so being with people will push you more to hit your goal. If you are alone, there are a lot of group sessions you can join as well and who knows, you might meet someone who will be the reason why you’ll have a perfect attendance at the gym!


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